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Homeowners Association Update

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Establishing an official Belleau Woods Homeowners Association continues to move forward.

Purpose and Benefits of 501(c)(4) non-profit for Belleau Woods Homeowners

A. PURPOSE of a 501(c)(4) organization:

  1. To protect the interests of Belleau Woods homeowners as presently we have no legal, formal or official voice for any purpose.
  2. To be a spokesperson/organization and to provide a voice for and on behalf of Belleau Woods homeowners wherever needed within or outside our community.
  3. To provide maintenance management for the Belleau Woods entrance area and any other property of common or community interest.
  4. To provide a framework for the establishment of neighborhood and community activities for social, cultural and legal questions, concerns and opportunities as may from time to time arise.
  5. To provide leadership for our Belleau Woods community in the best interest of aiding the maintenance and good appearance of our personal and common property, to increase the value of our personal property investment and our community, and to maintain and improve the quality of life.

B. BENEFITS of a 501(c)(4) organization:

  1. To write and maintain By-Laws for the new Belleau Woods Homeowners Association which will provide the structural framework, means and mechanics for the organization and its functionality for the benefit of the entire Belleau Woods residential community.
  2. To provide a proper legal voice for the benefit of homeowners and the members of the Belleau Woods community.
  3. To be officially recognized by the City of Chattanooga which can in future provide us the benefit of direct official communication on any matters of concern and importance which is not presently possible.
  4. To provide us with an official community voice when speaking with the City of Chattanooga or other utility providers when dealing with roads and other questions of a community public nature.

View and download the complete proposed by-laws .